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Connecting people,
unlocking potential. 

Nampelka is a matchmaking platform that facilitates learning experiences and knowledge creation between entrepreneurs from Africa and international experts.



About Nampelka

Our name, Nampelka, originates from a Mapuche word meaning 'traveler.' Inspired by our own journeys, we embarked on a mission to explore entrepreneurship in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda.


We have seen with our own eyes the immense potential of entrepreneurs in Africa.

Our mission is to challenge and rebalance the dynamics between African and Western societies, amplifying Africa's entrepreneurial potential and fostering genuine equality and mutual learning. 

The Learning Experience

We offer customized learning paths to support our Growers and Enablers during their peer-to-peer experience in developing solutions to business challenges in the African market.

The Matchmaking

Using our unique matchmaking formula, carefully developed and tested within our community, we create a peer-to-peer learning experience that leverages complementary skills by pairing two individuals. This allows them to deepen their understanding of each other's cultures while working together on an African business challenge.

The Community

We are a thriving community comprising African entrepreneurs and international experts. We engage in vibrant discussions and mutual challenges, exploring the application of business modeling, customer experience, go-to-market strategy, branding, and leadership to African enterprises, fostering their prosperity and expansion.



Good stories need to be told

Our focus is on the relationships between Growers and Enablers. Through these collaborations, they not only generate significant business results, but also gain rich experiences that shape their personalities. These stories are inspiring and worth sharing.


Enjoy listening!


Our Team

Founder & CEO

Alisa Sydow

Co-Founder & Partner

Lara Ermacora

Kenyan Advocate

Mary Mwangi

Your channel to discover Africa's thriving startup scene. 


Join Nampelka's voice

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