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Get yourself & your business to the next level

In Nampelka, we match you with an international expert who has the relevant managerial knowledge to address one of your biggest business challenges. While, you get to actively share your valuable entrepreneurial expertise.

Within this transformative journey, you’ll discover the secrets to refining your entrepreneurial skills through collaboration and sharing. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving. Learn strategies to overcome the unique challenges that developing economies present, and watch your skills evolve to new heights.

Key benefits for you: 

• Gain managerial skills
• Solve a business challenge
• Extend your network towards International experts 

• Connect with other African entrepreneurs

Our matchmaking algorithm provides you with the perfect Enabler, an international expert focused on your challenge.


Customised challenge resolution pathway to support your relationship with the Enabler and the resolution of your challenge.

Dedicated Path

Access to networking events where you can meet other entrepreneurs like you and international experts.

Monthly Meetings

Opportunity for ongoing feedback and support through 1:1 meetings with Nampelka experts. 

1 on 1 with Nampelka

Our Offer

Our Pricing Plans

You can choose the plan that best suits your current business and personal situation, and then grow at your own pace as you scale


  • Matchmaking

  • Nampelka monthly meeting, free.

  • Duration: 4 weeks


Analysis & plan how to solve your challenge

One time fee



  • Matchmaking

  • Nampelka monthly meeting, free

  • Duration: outcome-related, but no longer than 4 months 

  • Achievement evaluation

Create & test solutions to your challenge

One time fee


Join our community!

Fill out the form to be matched with an international expert. It may take a moment, but if you want to get started right away, please join our Whatsapp group for all our Nampelka Growers.


It is a great way to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from Africa! 

Fill out the form to be matched with an international expert. It takes a little, in the meantime
to stay updated and discover our community.

Fill out this form and we will match you with one of our international experts.

Which plan are you interested in?
What is currently your biggest challenge
To define and understand my customers
To make revenues and improve my business model
To position your brand
To promote your brand
To increase sales
To identify yourself as a leader
To set up standardized process or improve the ones you have in place
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