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Use your skills to help African entrepreneurs to thrive

In Nampelka, we match you with a founder from Africa who is tackling an entrepreneurial challenge aligned with your managerial skills, fostering your entrepreneurial mindset as you collaborate.

Africa is the world's most entrepreneurial region. Embark on a transformative journey to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset by immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of experiences shared by resilient entrepreneurs in Africa. This unique opportunity offers an in-depth exploration of their stories, highlighting the challenges they've overcome and the successes they've achieved.

Key benefits: 

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Managing extreme diversity

  • Extend your network & knowledge towards African markets

  • Embracing community values

What can you offer to the community?

Business Modeling

Use your ability to optimise processes and drive growth to support the development of African businesses.

Customer Experience

Use your expertise in improving customer satisfaction to support the development of African experiences.

Operation Managment

Apply your skills in optimising processes and maximising efficiency to the African environment

& Selfesteem

Use your leadership acumen to empower African entrepreneurs, drive success, and contribute to their businesses.

Sales & Marketing

Use your knowledge in sales & marketing strategies to identify new ways to address the African market.

Our matchmaking algorithm provide you with the perfect grower, an African entrepreneur with a challenge in your range of expertise.


A customised pathway to support your relationship with the Grower, providing you with some important information about the African context.

Dedicated Path

Free access to our networking events, where you can meet other professionals like you and African entrepreneurs.

Monthly Meetings

Opportunity for ongoing feedback and support through 1:1 meetings with Nampelka experts. 

1 on 1 with Nampelka

What we provide you?

Do you want to know more
about Nampelka?

With the information you provide, we will suggest you potential matches with African entrepreneurs. To begin the experience, a one-time fee of €29 will be required.

Fill out the form to be matched with an international expert. It takes a little, in the meantime
to stay updated and discover our community.

Fill in this form and we will match you with an entrepreneur from Africa.

Your Expertise
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