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The Challenge

Refining the branding and communication strategy for Yadel Champions Farm

Listen to their interview:

Laura & Elizabeth
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Laura and Elizabeth worked together to improve the branding and communication strategy for Yadel Champions Farm, which includes both the NGO and agro-processing business. They wanted to create clear brand identities that matched the projects' goals and values, so more people would be interested.

Laura, who knows a lot about branding, helped Elizabeth figure out what each project was really about. Then, they came up with new names, logos, and ways to talk about them to make sure people understood.

Even though they faced challenges like setting goals and understanding each other's backgrounds, they ended up creating strong brand identities and ways to talk about the projects. Overall, their goal was to make Yadel Champions Farm more visible and attractive, so Elizabeth could reach more people and help women be more independent economically while supporting local businesses.

The Grower

Elizabeth Awo Yaan

Growing up in poverty as the youngest of eleven children, I faced financial challenges after high school. Despite this, I seized an opportunity from my uncle, who provided me with a 2-acre plot of land. At 20, I started a vegetable farm, marking my entry into agriculture.

In 2020, I founded YADEL CHAMPION, a farming and agro-processing company in Ghana, specializing in Coconut Oil, Peanut Paste, and Ginger Mix. This venture reflects my determination to overcome adversity and create opportunities for myself and my community.

The Enabler

Laura Granuzzo

I am the Business Unit Manager at Gummy Industry, a dynamic communication agency located in the beautiful North of Italy.

My primary areas of expertise lie in branding and digital communication, where I've honed my skills and gained valuable experience over the years.

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