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The Challenge

How to enhance DermiJoi's digital presence and customer engagement?

Listen to their interview:

Terry & Alessandro
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Terry Wangechi, founder of DermiJoy Skincare in Nairobi, and Alessandro Fontana from Milan, partnered through Nampelka. Terry's skincare brand specializes in natural products, while Alessandro focuses on digital transformation, marketing, and organizational development.

They joined forces through Nampelka to address DermiJoy Skincare's digital presence. Over six months, they collaborated, leveraging Alessandro's professional expertise to enhance the brand's online footprint. Their work involved utilizing tech tools like Miroboards and Coda, as well as conducting persona interviews to understand customer needs and preferences.

Their collaboration revealed cultural insights, such as differing perceptions of packaging and sustainability between Europe and Africa. Terry highlighted the personal touch small businesses offer, like handwritten cards and direct customer engagement, which foster stronger relationships.

Both Terry and Alessandro emphasized the importance of listening and being open to learning from each other. They built a personal connection beyond business, exchanging food recipes and fostering a supportive relationship.

Their recommendation, for the Enablers and Growers who will join Nampelka in the future, revolves around the value of openness, collaboration, and genuine connection.

The Grower

Terry Wangechi

With over a decade of experience in the skincare market, she has developed a deep understanding of this dynamic industry. Her journey has been defined by a strong work ethic, diligence, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

She founded DermiJoy, where she and her team manufacture all-natural skincare products for health-conscious customers. As the name suggests, they want their customers to experience the Joy of the Skin ✨

Click the link below to have a look!

The Enabler

Alessandro fontana

After 16 years in various roles at the intersection of business, technology, and people, I've transitioned into independent consulting. With experience leading teams and managing diverse projects, I specialize in digital marketing strategy, customer experience, organizational optimization, and more.

Now, as an independent consultant, I collaborate with global B2B and B2C enterprises. Joining Nampelka reflects my passion for connecting with diverse cultures and individuals to shape a brighter future.

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