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The Challenge

As the business grows, how can the operations also scale intelligently?

Listen to their interview:

How Victoria and Ariana's collaboration transform Tree to Table
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During their six months together, Victoria and Arianna conducted a comprehensive review of Victoria's wooden kitchenware business. They analyzed its operations, identified key areas for enhancement, and devised strategies for growth. Utilizing platforms like WhatsApp for business, they streamlined communication channels, enabling better engagement with customers and suppliers alike. Arianna's expertise in operational efficiency proved instrumental as they revamped workflows to optimize productivity. Additionally, they explored new marketing approaches to expand the business's reach, tapping into Victoria's local market insights and Arianna's global perspective.

Throughout this process, Arianna gained valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities within Victoria's market in Nairobi, Kenya. She learned to adapt her operational strategies to suit the mobile-first preferences of Victoria's customers, a valuable lesson that broadened her understanding of international business practices. Together, they implemented these changes, witnessing tangible improvements in sales and customer satisfaction. Their collaborative efforts not only propelled the business forward but also fostered a supportive and enriching partnership between them.

The Grower

Victoria Kariuki

With more than five years of operational experience, I've honed a keen understanding of what it takes to maintain smooth operations. My resilience was tested as a business owner during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic, reinforcing the significance of consistency and dedication.

Central to my success is my unyielding positivity and self-motivation, propelling me forward with the belief that any obstacle can be conquered and any goal attained. Yet, I acknowledge a weakness: a reluctance to seek assistance or delegate tasks, often assuming sole responsibility for ensuring my business's success. Recognizing the need for growth, I'm committed to mastering the art of delegation and embracing support from others to propel my business forward.

The Enabler

Ariana Cofone

For over a decade, I've worked in every facet of operations, from business management and creative technology to people management and supply chain operations. I make things work, and love every second of the process.

Building operations looks different for each business and each region of the world. This is exactly why I wanted to join Nampelka! Exploring the application of operations in Kenya, with its unique challenges and opportunities, excites me beyond measure. There will be new operational puzzles to solve, and challenges to innovate within, which is exactly what drive operators to do their best work and excites me to be a part of this initiative.

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