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Let's increase the number
& quality of startups in Africa

In Nampelka, we offer you customised support and international exposure for your selected startups, while providing you with data on the quality of your selection and a wider range of startups.  

In Africa, we have approximately 152 million entrepreneurs, but only 8,000 start-ups across the continent. We want to close this gap by providing customised, on-demand, accessible and trackable support to entrepreneurs. We hope that some of them will turn their business into the next promising startup, ready to join your next acceleration programme. Thanks to our platform business model, we are able to generate data on the founders' profiles to help you make better decisions.   

Key Benefits: 

  • Improve the quality of your startups & your wider community

  • Improve your screening process of potential startups

  • Improve your decision-making process based on data

Don't worry about saying no to some of your candidates. We give you a way to keep them engaged and to keep improving their business idea. Plus you will get first hand data about their progress.  

Support for your wider community

Early stage startups have a lot to develop and test. We give them extra support to ensure they scale in the fastest and best way. We also train them in international exposure. 

Customized support for your start-ups

Based on our community, we can provide you with reports and data on the startups with the highest potential. Be the first to know!

Continuous market screening of potential founders

Trusting in the competences of a founder and the team is challenge. We help you by adding more (historical) data to understand the performance and skills.

Additional data about skills of founder

What can you get?

Let's start working together to take more African entrepreneurs to the next level!

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