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In Nampelka, we truly believe that multicultural environments allow humans to open their minds, discover similarities in differences, and find new solutions to similar problems.


That’s why our Experience is a professional and personal growth path based on a cultural match. Such a match is named Chama, which comes from the Kiswahili word for "group" or "body". A Chama, started by a a Kenyan entrepreneur -grower-, and European businesswoman - enabler -, is developed around a business idea. Together they explore new opportunities for the African market and let new points of view enlighten their lives, fueled by their encounter.


During this Experience, the Chama can leverage other women skills -maker- to fasten their go to market strategy and enrich their personal growth within an international network

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We love that moment of dynamic energy
when people from different cultures come together.

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Nampelka Experience lasts 6 months, where our experts encourage a mutually beneficial relationship to allow the two women easily know each other, set a common goal, share their stories and expertise, have the space to ideate and innovate, grow their skills and so their business, and feel safe to be themselves.


All the meetings happen digitally so we have developed a set of tools to facilitate discussions in the Chama. These tools embed different well-known approaches from the NVC (Non Violent Communication), to support balanced conversations, to sociocracy, to allow them taking decisions in a more fair and inclusive way, passing through design thinking, to easily generate new ideas. 


During the six months, Growers and Enablers are asked to identify some needs of the Chama, generating collaboration opportunities. In a mutual exchange of experiences, Makers provide a solution to boost the effectiveness of the Chama thanks to their unique skills.

Each experience is different, there is no “one size fits all” recipe as each relationship is unique, but it follows a structured approach summarized in the path below.


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A Grower

If you are a grower you are an entrepreneur in Africa. You have the motivation and passion to build up new ventures despite challenges in your country.

You share personal stories and products with us, and we - as a community - support you with unique skills and resources. By joining Nampelka, growers get to the next level of their entrepreneurial journey.

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An Enabler

If you are an enabler you desire to closely support the growers in the adventure of scaling up their businesses. Based on your strong professional background, as an enabler, you design key steps with her such as go-to-market and funding strategy. 


Our enablers will be part of changing economic structures and are enlightened by the new experience.


A Maker

As a maker, you can contribute to specific tasks and needs of our Chamas. You can provide short-term-oriented consulting services such as legal, sales, and marketing advice. 

Your unique professional skills will give a concrete response to the needs of the Chama, boosting its effectiveness.

Makers will gain authentic insights about working in a context such as Kenya honing their cross-cultural skills.

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