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 The path towards lighting up the candle (and local) business

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Cheptoo is the co-founder of The Hills Collection, together with her sister Chebet.


Cheptoo has a Management academic background and she had previously worked in logistics and procurement. On the other side, Chebet obtained a master's in marketing and worked in the same field. Both of them lived and studied in the UK, deciding then to go back to Kenya in order to develop their professional careers in their hometown.


During lockdown, they decided to start their own candle business. Now, they are looking for opportunities to improve what they are currently producing and, why not, broaden their product range.​

Our complementary personalities and the skills acquired from our different backgrounds make the perfect balance for The Hills Collection

Cheptoo, co-founders The Hills Collection

Cheptoo's Business in a snapshot



1.  Defining a business model and an organizational  structure​


2. Help with the financials, especially with taxes


3. Support in expansion in retail stores​


4. Help in product development and research 


5. Creation of sustainable packaging​

What can I do?

Thanks to Nampelka, you can become an active element of the business by supporting Cheptoo in 2 different ways.

Make your choice & be part of creating impact for Cheptoo!

Be part of our community

You can have an active role working with Nampelka's ladies by contributing in different ways based on your interests and attitudes.

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You can be part of Nampelka by sharing our voice through your network. Tell others about what we and Cheptoo are doing!

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