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A journey of empowering women by creating leather bags made in Kenya

In 2014, Mary left her job looking for new opportunities, so she started following her mother’s path by selling second-hand bags imported from America. 


However, she wanted to provide a sustainable product made of high quality materials. This is how she started Sixhills Boutique: a company that uses sustainable leathers in order to create high quality bags by reducing waste


Throughout the time, Mary wanted to expand her business potentials by creating some interior design products with her leather.​

I love the idea of creating sustainable products and ethical job opportunities at the same time

 Mary Muthoni, Sixhills founder

Mary's Business in a snapshot



1.  Creation of a digital marketing strategy that defines how and where to market her products​


2. Creation of a marketing strategy in order to get international clients


3. Funding the company​

4. Finding partners to collaborate with​

What can I do?

Thanks to Nampelka, you can become an active element of the business by supporting Mary in 2 different ways.

Make your choice & be part of creating impact for Mary!

Be part of our community

You can have an active role working with Nampelka's ladies by contributing in different ways based on your interests and attitudes.

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You can be part of Nampelka by sharing our voice through your network. Tell others about what we and Mary are doing!

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