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Re-designing Kenyan homes

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Wanjiku studied Interior Design and decided to found Ridadi Design Studio in 2017 in order to offer architectural and interior design to clients.


The idea behind her business came up when she noticed that there is a gap between beautiful spaces and functional spaces, meaning that beautiful spaces also have to be functional. She noticed that most Kenyan rentals are either too small (with a very poor choice of materials) or quite big (and very expensive), and yet they still do not serve the users essential functions nor they are aesthetical.


Thus, she wants to offer properly designed yet affordable spaces, that are not only aesthetical and functional but also incorporate multi-functional elements to accommodate the space users needs and preferences conveniently.

We want to educate people in the importance of good design and the effect it has on us all rounded, intellectually, physically and emotionally and tell a story while at it

- Wanjiku Macharia, founder Ridadi Design Studio

Wanjiku's Business in a snapshot



1. Designing a structured business model​


2. Defining how to present herself and her business in different contexts

3. Getting sponsors​


4. Developing project management skills


What can I do?

Thanks to Nampelka, you can become an active element of the business by supporting Wanjiku in 2 different ways.

Make your choice & be part of creating impact for Wanjiku!

Be part of our community

You can have an active role working with Nampelka's ladies by contributing in different ways based on your interests and attitudes.

this story

You can be part of Nampelka by sharing our voice through your network. Tell others about what we and Wanjiku are doing!

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