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We are not perfect. We are natural

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

A brief reflection on differences and similarities in our society and how we feel about it.

While traveling in the last years, we have seen so many different cultures, and we have met so many different but beautiful people. And we also had the chance to try extraordinary culinary specialties.

Each time we went into a new country, we wanted to try typical food for the specific region; something that has been handmade and locally produced so that we can enter into the local culture. More and more we realized that the beauty lies within the artisanal and handmade things that are always a bit different.

Because they show the variety and uniqueness.

Not only in the local food but also in the beauty of local people. So, we started to think about why and when do we call something or somebody ‘perfect’? Usually you define something/somebody as perfect when, moreover, it seems to be a created perception by us, as society,to set up specific standards that we can measure. Only if we fill out the maximum of all the generated standards, we can claim something or somebody as perfect.

But the question we should ask ourselves is: Why do we need to come up with those standards that allow us to see if someone or something is perfect?

We clearly can see the point when it comes to mass production of automotiveand other machinery. Though, do we really need those standards when it comes to natural products and human beings?

We believe that the beauty lies within the fact of being natural. It is beautiful to see that we are all different because that it what makes us unique and what makes us natural. And the same works for natural products that we want to consume. Taking the case of wineand looking at how much the specific climate of each year can shape the character of the same wine from the same region is just lovely and makes it more exciting to consume each bottle of wine. Because we can taste and experience that the wine is a combination of human beings’ skillsand the natural forces such as sunshine and rain. For us that means that we need to get rid of the perception of defining natural products and human beings as perfect. Instead, we should relearn to appreciate our uniqueness ofbeing natural.

That is why we believe in the power of:

We are not perfect. We are natural.

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