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What does it mean to talk about women's entrepreneurship in developing economies? What does it mean to talk about women's entrepreneurship in Europe?​ 
How cultural, economical, and different business models, could benefit each other? 

Nampelka presents 30 Minutes Chamas, a series of events aiming to create a valuable exchange among women entrepreneurs all around the world, starting with Africa and Europe, to answer these questions.


Each month two events will take place in Milan and Nairobi. Italian and Kenyan women will present their stories and businesses ​to discuss multicultural topics generating insights, and reflecting on business models, leadership, and entrepreneurship

Join us in co-designing the future of the economy to learn from one another, share your thoughts, and grow together.

Chamas are informal groups made by Nampelka matching a Kenyan entrepreneur with a business and a European businesswoman with her expertise to develop a business idea. Join 30 Minutes Chamas events to meet Nampelka women, know their stories, and discuss with them different topics. Each month the 2 women will share their thoughts around 3 keywords to ignite the discussion both in Milan and in Nairobi.

 1 Chama 2 Women 3 Keywords

The event format

These events are the perfect opportunity to meet our women, have some wine/coffee and network with other open-minded people, or just come out and make some new friends!


Nampelka welcome, and some key facts on African and European Markets


 A presentation of our entrepreneurs and their stories to find out takeaways from a cultural encounter


Live music and other activities during a networking aperitif or coffee, depending on the event time

No upcoming events at the moment

How to reach us

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