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An artist who is living her dream and wanting to grow her economy

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Olivia is a singer, songwriter and marketing consultant. She has been a marketing consultant for 7 years now, in which she has been learning about marketing and strategy.


She loves the idea of growing her economy by helping other women. Olivia is also passionate about money and she believes that creatives do not talk about it enough, and that limits their opportunity to grow.


In her digital Chama, she wants to focus on her music career. She has been wanting to become a singer since ever and she has gone to several auditions. In 2012, she decided to become an independent artist and a few years later she released a debut album and a number of singles and EP's.

Do not let people tell you what you need to be to pursue your dreams, just go and make it happen.

Olivia Ambani

Olivia's Business in a snapshot



1. Business funding, so to invest in marketing such as videos or participation to shows or events​


2. Finding a strategy to get income from selling  her merchandise and the content she creates​


3. Creating a reliable team to work with

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Thanks to Nampelka, you can become an active element of the business by supporting Olivia in 2 different ways.

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