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Simone Marino

Only by placing ourselves in new situations can we learn every day and, in turn, contribute something new.

I am the Head of Blue Factory Italy at ESCP Business School, and my expertise encompasses various domains, including open innovation, ecosystem building, marketing & communication, and strategy. My role involves overseeing operations and initiatives in these areas, making me a crucial part of the institution's leadership.

My decision to join Nampelka stems from my personal drive to expand my network and acquire new knowledge. I believe that continuous learning and networking are essential for personal and professional growth. By becoming a part of Nampelka, I am seizing the opportunity to engage with local entrepreneurs in Kenya, gain fresh insights, and contribute my skills and experience to this exciting initiative.

My role at ESCP Business School and my involvement with Nampelka reflect my commitment to fostering innovation, forging meaningful connections, and making a positive impact, both locally and on a broader, global scale.

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