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A natural journey to discover the beauty of natural hair

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Almost 7 years ago, Mugethi has started her natural hair journey.


Before she has used ordinary beauty products that include chemicals, and which are usually imported by the EU. It has been difficult for her to find natural products and it has been challenging at the beginning to wear the hair natural, because it is still perceived as “unprofessional” in the Kenyan society.


This experience has reminded her of her school time in which it was not allowed to wear your natural hair because of its nsocial perception. She wants that young women understand that:

Natural hair is beautiful!

Mugethi's Business in a snapshot



1. Understanding how to get investor ready

2. Getting national certification, to make it easier to sell international


3. Getting organic certifications

4. Standardized hand-made approach to scale while keeping the element of "hand-made"

5. Set up an academy to train people in the production process

6. Support in go to market strategy


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