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 Creating art products that celebrate the African continent

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Lulu is an artist and graphic designer. She studied Communications Design with a focus on Advertising, but soon discovered she was really passionate about African Studies. After pursuing a Masters in the subject, she worked for a communications agency then decided to become self-employed and later founded Lulu Kitololo Studio. ​

A lot of her work involves working on design and illustration projects for clients. However, she loves expressing her own creativity and ideas thus, she started a line of stationery and art products. Her dream is to shift entirely to creating and selling her art products, rather than working on design and illustration commissions.


Since 2020, thanks to support from SheTrades Commonwealth as well as the Powered By People platform, she has been building connections and receiving orders from retailers around the world.

Studying Africa is very enriching, thus a big part of my artwork is about celebrating the richness of an entire continent.

Lulu Kitololo, Lulu Kitololo Studio founder

Lulu's Business in a snapshot



1. Building a solid operational structure​

2. Strategy improvement through know-how on budget and forecasting 


3. Support in finding buyers and building relationships​


4. Leveraging PR and other marketing opportunities to increase sales​

5. Finding reasonable shipping solutions across continents​

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