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Rediscovering traditional baskets in contemporary design and fashion

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In 2017, when the Kenyan government banned single use plastic bags, Shiku started her business: Kirembo Kirembo.


She saw the opportunity of replacing plastic with the traditional Kenyan baskets that are hand woven. The baskets are composed of a natural fiber called sisal, which grows in the semi-arid areas of Kenya. Thus, they are 100% biodegradable and environmental-friendly products. Each basket is unique, thus it is hand-made.


I am passionate about handmade Kiondo baskets, especially those made in Kenya. My late grandmother used to weave and sell Kiondo and I am very conscious of keeping up with this tradition.” Shiku Maina, Kirembo Kirembo's founder.

Kiondos are pure Kenyan craftmanship!

Shiku's Business in a snapshot



1. Improve production process, especially with custom and bulk orders


3. Collaborate with someone skilled as HR to help selecting people


4. Website development. to give the business more credibility and structure.


5. Systems -for managing stocks and finances

6. Cost effective shipping

What can I do?

Thanks to Nampelka, you can become an active element of the business by supporting Shiku in 2 different ways.

Make your choice & be part of creating impact for Shiku!

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You can have an active role working with Nampelka's ladies by contributing in different ways based on your interests and attitudes.

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