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Waigwe Gichuhi

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim

I am a designer and digital illustrator from Kenya who is currently working freelance but had been in employment between 2017-2021. My journey has been an ongoing development of creativity, personal experiences, individualism as well as pop culture. I want to grow my career with my audience and potential clients and at the same time balance financially supporting myself. It has been a challenge to achieve all these things especially while being based away from home since 2021 so one of the main reasons I want to join Nampelka is to regain the support of community and mentorship of likeminded people. My goal is to be more confident in my status as an independent artist through learning from the program and be able to take my business to successful levels.


Feminism, mental health awareness, Afrofuturism and liberalism inspire the work that I create. My work aims to give life to African narratives in a style and medium where we are still growing as a culture in Kenya but have a lot of avenues on the global stage. I have been able to achieve this on a small scale through commercial art for different brands through good networking and project management the last 3 years. However, I want to grow my brand beyond the scope of freelance and commissions to be more accessible to people who share the same interests that inspire me as well as appreciate the art of good storytelling. It would be a successful goal for my brand to create a community where we can share these ideals and be able to engage beyond sales and instead have genuine conversation to drive change and positivity.


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