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Floric Nyawira

I am looking forward to be able to improve my
skills, to penetrate the market and to hopefully expand my business internationally!

I've been immersed in the fashion world for over two years, and recently, I've been taking online classes to enhance my skills. In April, I passed my 3rd-grade test in garment making, and I'm gearing up for the next one in December.

My passion is entrepreneurship in fashion, and I'm eager to grow in this field. I genuinely enjoy what I do and believe that with a bit of guidance, I can reach new levels.

Quality is a top priority for me in everything I do, and I value teamwork and adaptability. Collaboration is key to growth.

However, I tend to get so engrossed in tasks that I find it hard to stop until they're completed.

In short, my fashion journey is driven by a commitment to quality, a belief in teamwork, and a passion for learning and growth. I'm excited about the possibilities and eager to develop my fashion entrepreneurship further.

Maric Brooke Enterprises

My venture in the fashion and design sector has been a journey of evolution and growth. While my company was established in 2012, it wasn't until 2019 that I delved into the world of crafts, garments, and accessories. Since then, this creative endeavor has become my livelihood and a true passion.

Over the years, I've discovered my talent and creativity in crafting and design, and I'm driven by the desire to take this aspect of my business to its fullest potential. This newfound focus has allowed me to explore my artistic capabilities and create unique, handmade products that resonate with customers.

However, I do face significant challenges. Capital remains a major hurdle, affecting my ability to keep the business running smoothly and acquire the modern and specialized equipment necessary for my craft. Additionally, marketing my products has been a challenge, as reaching a wider audience and showcasing the value of my handmade creations requires strategic and often costly efforts.

In summary, my journey in the fashion and design sector has been marked by growth, creativity, and a deep passion for crafting. Despite the challenges, I'm determined to overcome them and nurture my talent, taking my business to new heights while continuing to provide livelihood through my artistic endeavors.


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