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Fatou Dior NDIAYE

He who differs from me, far from harming me, enriches me.

Fatou Dior NDIAYE has a degree in private law and a degree in business law; She has a Master 1 in Organization, namely Quality-RH-RSE, and specialized in CSR for her Master 2: Corporate Social Responsibility. She started her business in 2018; It is active in the field of manufacturing and marketing of leather products through its brand Jolof Cuir Collection. She is a committed Pan-African. She has a positive vision of Africa and remains convinced that the best way to develop the continent is to invest in the exploitation of our raw materials. She has a sense of leadership, she is open-minded, has critical thinking and the ability to adapt.

Jolof Cuir Collection

Jolof Cuir Collection, an ethical and responsible brand, offers leather goods made locally with local raw materials. Its leather products are durable, strong, practical and chic. Among its products, bags of all kinds, satchels, wallets, shoes marketed at good value for money. The brand collaborates with women tanners formed into cooperatives and artisans. Women tanners are its main suppliers of raw materials. The skins are tanned in an artisanal way and with vegetable tanning that respects the environment. The products are available online and in store in Dakar. We have a base of more than 1000 customers, mainly selling on the local market with some exports to the United States and the diaspora.


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