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Eadie Nungari

I want to get a fresh perspective, meet new women and learn how to grow my business.

I make everything around me beautiful.

I live in Kajiado, Kenya. My background is in FinTech and my mission then, was to play an instrumental role in helping Africans achieve convenience and time freedom in their payments.

The ‘new normal’ that came about during the quarantine/lockdown period was a reality I intended to create for individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic misfortune delivered my mission in less than 6 months. It also allowed the world to witness three things. One, how entire civilizations are held together by the Oil and Gas industry. Two, how Technology is the industry that powers the world, and three, the importance of Sustainable businesses and how they contribute to the environment.

I love practicality and convenience. I gravitate towards things that embody that. Jaba Juice is practical, convenient and sustainable. Building a business that contributes to the greater good and has a positive impact on society is immensely fulfilling and provides a sense of purpose and meaning. Personally, this is my contribution to creating momentum for Kenya’s move in the right direction with hopes of success in my lifetime and potentially leaving a blueprint for similar development in other African countries.

Tuido Group

In 2017, I personally made a commitment to the self by going green and embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

I started small with food (plant-based), grooming (hair and body products) sanitary care, clothing, cleaning products to managing my waste and remote working.

This is how Tuido Group was founded, and its product, Jaba Juice, was created as a solution to a lack of plant-based drinks available for consumption other than the fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

It was immediately preferred by women and it was noted that it helps women cope with the low energy levels and mood swings that accompany their menstrual flow. As uptake increases, plant-based, sober curious men and women are consuming it as an alternative non-alcoholic social drink or as an energy drink.

The challenge I face is breaking down the plan into actionable goals and the absence of a support system to facilitate implementation. I'm very excited to get this off the ground.


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