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Carolyne Karuru

You can always learn something from another person, especially something that before has been overlooked.

I spent five years as an HR professional, which has been a valuable foundation for my journey into various businesses. One of my strengths lies in my willingness to take risks, a trait that has driven me to explore different opportunities and ventures.

My keen eye for detail has proven to be an asset, particularly when it comes to ensuring that my end products are authentic and have the ability to stand out. I believe that the smallest details can make a significant difference in the quality and uniqueness of what I offer.

However, it's important to acknowledge that I have my weaknesses too. I tend to be a perfectionist, which can sometimes lead to an excessive focus on getting every detail just right. Additionally, I have a habit of overanalyzing things, which, while it helps in making informed decisions, can also lead to moments of hesitation.

Despite these weaknesses, I believe that my strengths and passion for taking risks have been instrumental in my journey, allowing me to create and innovate in various endeavors.

Amali Essentials

I've been running my business for the past two years, and it's a venture that I'm deeply passionate about. My business revolves around scented candles, and it brings me immense satisfaction to know that my products serve their intended purpose, creating a delightful ambiance and soothing atmosphere for my customers. Additionally, it serves as a valuable source of income, making my entrepreneurial journey all the more rewarding.

Despite my passion and commitment, I do face a significant challenge in the form of high import costs for the products I offer. Navigating the expenses associated with importing materials or finished products can be a formidable task, impacting both my profitability and the overall success of my business.

Nonetheless, my dedication to my business and my belief in the value it brings to my customers continue to drive me forward. I'm constantly seeking ways to overcome these challenges and ensure that my scented candle business thrives in the face of obstacles


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