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Nadia Mrabit

No risk no fun ;-)

Nadia, half African and half European, gained over 17 years of experience in international project management, including 12+ years as freelancer/entrepreneur. With broad and comprehensive experience in both private and development sectors, Nadia combines the bits and pieces of both worlds to achieve more effective and sustainable impacts on projects and businesses.

She has been working on Africa for the past 13 years on various topics including climate change, sustainable energy, agribusiness, entrepreneurship and social businesses, and gender aspects. Her strong belief in Africa’s potential and the need to unleash it, made her move to the continent for over 6 years, living in three different countries and traveling across Africa.

Today she is part of the African diaspora: based in Europe and traveling frequently to different African countries. She still bridges Africa to Europe and the rest of the world through her role as co-founder & partner of Business Club Africa: a business community of like-minded people.

She holds three master’s degrees in management from leading international ESCP Business School (Paris-Oxford-Berlin track) and is regularly expanding her knowledge and know-how through training and field missions.

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