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Laura Granuzzo

I strongly believe in the power of networking, cultural influences and sharing experiences to bring a real and positive impact in our world

I am the Business Unit Manager at Gummy Industry, a dynamic communication agency located in the beautiful North of Italy. My primary areas of expertise lie in branding and digital communication, where I've honed my skills and gained valuable experience over the years.

One of the driving forces behind my decision to join Nampelka is my deep belief in its goals and a strong alignment with its core values. Nampelka's mission resonates with me, and I'm genuinely enthusiastic about being part of a community that strives for positive change.

Within my role at Gummy Industry, I've taken on the exciting challenge of building and nurturing a dedicated team focused solely on projects with cultural, social, and environmental impact. This endeavor allows us to channel our expertise and creativity towards initiatives that make a meaningful difference in the world. It's a source of pride for me and my team to contribute our skills to projects that align with our shared values, and I'm eager to see the positive impact we can create together through Nampelka.

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