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Kristina Savina

Connect the existing.

Kristina Savina: #earlystagestartups #projectmanagement #gotomarket #socialmedia

I am Kristina. For friends, I go by Kris. I immigrated to Germany with zero language knowledge, two suitcases, and one week at a hotel booked in my name. Five years later, I am employed at one of the best private educational institutions in Germany, unit of Entrepreneurship Centre. On a daily basis, I communicate with founders, corporates, venture capital professionals, and other movers and shakers in the startup ecosystem. I match these connections and explore how they can be integrated for the benefit of our portfolio startups.

My expertise lies in Project Management, Event Management, and the operations of the Entrepreneurship Centre where I work. Focusing on the startup side, I analyze early-stage startups, examine their ideal buyer personas, assess market competition, and advise the teams on who to approach to bolster their go-to-market strategy. Prior to joining the Entrepreneurship Centre, I worked on a project funded directly by the EU aimed at supporting SMEs across Europe by providing technical assistance, including peer-to-peer training, workshops, and webinars. My role primarily involved reporting, managing social media, and marketing.

I have a deep passion for the entrepreneurial environment, and I'm fascinated by how quickly and innovatively things evolve. The entrepreneurial ecosystem is truly addictive!

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