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Isabell Schastok

We cannot change the wind, we can only adjust our sails.

I have a Business Administration Background, worked for 6.5 years in consulting with a main focus on people and organiziational topics such as cultural development, agile teams or people leadership.
After building two international teams within the consulting firm, I decided to leave the industry and start my own business in the food sector.
After roughly a year, we had to close the business - mainly because of a shift in the market resulting in a tremendous shift in the cost structure.
As a founder I always wished for a better infrastructure supporting us with the right contacts, mentors and industry expertise. Thus, I joined an accelerator and investor company to build an ecosystem and platforms to help other startups grow.

I join NAMPELKA as I believe we should never stop learning and I love to get to know and exchange with other passionate entrepreneurs from other parts of the world!

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