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Claudia Di Stefano

If something doesn't feel right to you, it won't be right for you

My journey began in a small town in Northern Italy, nestled near the Austrian border. Growing up, I had the unique privilege of being bilingual, speaking both German and Italian.

My quest for knowledge took me to various corners of Europe during my studies in Art and Media Management. I've had the pleasure of living in vibrant cities like London, Copenhagen, and Frankfurt. However, for the past 12 years, Milan has been my home, providing the backdrop to my personal and professional growth.

Speaking of my professional journey, I've been with IBM for a decade now, during which I've worn different hats, from sales to consulting. Currently, I lead a dedicated team at IBM focused on crafting prototypes for innovative solutions that cater to our esteemed corporate clients. Our work revolves around the exciting realms of automation, AI, and big data.

Roughly 8 years ago I brought the TEDx format to Bolzano, organizing now a bilingual event with an audience of 500+ people, leading a team of 30+ volunteers.

As I step into this new adventure with Nampelka, I'm genuinely thrilled to meet all the interesting individuals who are part of this project. While I hope my experience can be of value, I'm equally excited about the prospect of learning from the people of this dynamic community. In this exchange of ideas and experiences, I look forward to mutual growth and collaboration.

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