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Ann Ayub

I really love what i do, and I am willing to learn and to be taught because I want to build up my business.

I absolutely love what I do, and that passion fuels my daily work. I'm genuinely enthusiastic about learning and always open to being taught. I believe in the incredible power of teamwork and recognize that together, we can achieve great things.

Resilience and patience are two qualities I hold dear. They've helped me navigate challenges and setbacks, allowing me to stay focused on my goals. However, I'll admit that I do have my weaknesses. Overthinking, procrastinating, and worrying too much at times can be stumbling blocks for me.

On a brighter note, I've also accomplished something I'm immensely proud of: I've founded a company called Skinsational Wellness Spa in Nairobi. This venture reflects my dedication to my work and my commitment to providing a valuable service to the community. It's a journey I'm excited to continue, learn from, and see where it takes me in the future.


My business, Skinsational Wellness Spa, was born about four years and five months ago out of my deep passion for grooming and self-care. I strongly believe that taking care of ourselves is essential, and our skin, being the largest organ of our body, deserves special attention. At Skinsational Wellness Spa, we aim to provide our clients with not just skincare services, but also the confidence that comes with feeling great in their own skin.

Over the years, I have dedicated myself to building a business that not only offers top-notch skincare treatments but also focuses on educating our clients about their skin's health. This approach not only enhances our services but also empowers our clients to take better care of their skin in their daily lives.

Currently, my focus is on marketing and increasing revenue for the spa. I am dedicated to reaching a broader audience and ensuring that more people can experience the benefits of our services. I believe that by continuing to provide exceptional care and promoting our spa effectively, we can achieve our goals and bring even more confidence and radiance to our valued clientele.

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